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“If it wasn’t for the Tribal Trust Foundation,
we would have lost our culture by now.
But there is still work to be done.”


Monpa lama responsible for writing down the Monpa people’s
indigenous language for the first time in history

We live in a world eternally interconnected and interdependent. Indigenous people remember this, and as global citizens hold this critical knowledge for all humanity. The rare few who still live on their ancestral land function from a core consciousness deeply connecting them to their environment, their ancestors and all our children’s future. It’s the indigenous wisdom we all share, but have forgotten in the ‘modern world’. This perspective offers viable solutions for the health and happiness of all people … we just need to truly remember what it is to be human, to embrace our interconnectedness and our responsibility to take care of our Mother Earth so that our future generations may thrive.

The Mbuti: Children of the Forest Exhibition

The Tribal Trust Foundation’s, Mbuti: Children of the Forest is a traveling exhibition of artifacts, photographs and an award winning video presenting a rare glimpse into the lives of the hunter-gatherers of the Ituri Forest in the DRC. This museum quality exhibition is available to be hosted in your community.

The Mbuti have lived for untold eons in the Ituri Forest, a remote tropical rainforest in the far northeastern portion of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They are pygmy hunter-gatherers, and are one of the oldest (and shortest) human populations. They are also some of the most threatened indigenous people in Africa and the world; simply … they are facing complete extinction.

The Mbuti are no longer allowed to hunt large game in their territory and poachers are rapidly diminishing their food supply. Their beloved forest territory in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has no legal protections and due to deforestation, gold mining, encroachment from plantations, agriculturalists, and misguided efforts to conserve the forests their access to their forest is now severely limited. There is also significant civil unrest in the country. Many Mbuti have been murdered due to the decades long civil war for resources between the Congo’s warring political factions. Their sacred Ituri Forest is rapidly being destroyed and without the forest, they are not Mbuti! They are calling out to the world for help.

Please hear their plea and help us stop the genocide of this unique ancient culture. 


We envision a world where all will receive, understand, and act upon the wisdom of indigenous ancestors and elders for how to live in harmony with Mother Earth and each other.


Sharing indigenous wisdom and culture in support of Mother Earth and global healing.

It’s really about trust …

When TTF is invited to travel to a new place, we do so knowing we must earn the trust of the people we work with. We trust that communities and groups on the ground know what the local challenges and needs are. Our supporters trust us to faithfully support timely indigenous causes, and they trust our work and due diligence.

20 years of service builds a lot of trust!

Notes from Our Tribe

Letter from the Founder, Barbara Savage

Thank you for your participation in the Tribal Trust’s work over the past twenty years. Many of you supported the foundation at the beginning by attending our annual fund raising event, the Tribal Cup, in Florida and California. More recently we appreciated your attendance at programs and films in association with Antioch University Santa Barbara (AUSB), earth-honoring ceremonies or attended the Mbuti exhibition to learn how…

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