• Hope Rwanda, Village of Hope Project,
  • Monpas People of Bhutan
    Documenting the Monpas People of Bhutan
  • Tulum Ruins
    Maya Cultural Preservation Project
  • San Bushmen
    San Bushmen
  • indigenous grandmothers
    Wisdom Speaks: Voices of Indigenous Grandmothers
  • El Pilar
    Maya El Pilar
  • Native American Projects

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    Vanishing Cultures

    The San Bushmen are the oldest indigenous culture on earth. This video trailer sponsored by the TTF offers an incredible and unique look into their lives and their struggles.

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    The Maya Project

    The Maya Project is a collaborative effort to bring recognition and awareness of the Mayan culture to the outside world, and to recognize how their troubles are our troubles.

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    Mbuti: Children of the Forest

    The Tribal Trust’s “Mbuti: Children of the Forest” video is an award-winning documentary about the aboriginal people of the Congo and their struggle for survival.

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  • susan-and-abril

    Grandmother/Elder Fellowship

    The Tribal Trust Foundation – Grandmother/Elder Fellowship fund, administered by Women’s Voices Project founder Susan Stark Christianson, offers an important new way to provide support to traditional grandmothers and indigenous elders. The Fellowship’s aim is to provide assistance to traditional grandmothers and elders to enable them to continue to provide their spiritual, social, educational, cultural […]

  • Native American Astronomy Children-1

    Navajo Astronomy Preservation Project

    The Tribal Trust in partnership with the American Cultural Resource Center of the Equal Opportunity Program (EOP) at the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) raised money for cultural preservation projects for the Navajo Nation.

  • women


    The goal with the Tharu project is to help support the indigenous people of the remote rainforest in Chitwan to be sustainable. The Tribal Trust Foundation identified a grassroots sustainable project that would help the once nomadic tribe support themselves in a confined area.

  • hector

    Cultural Initiative for East Timor: Metan

    East Timor was occupied by Indonesia for 24 years after the Portuguese left. They killed the majority of the indigenous men who fought for democracy, leaving thousands of orphans, known in East Timor as “Freedom Children.” The women took up the fight to rid the country of cruel foreign occupation. The women were critical in getting people to vote for independence. East Timor’s infrastructure was completely devastated by the Indonesian army. The country remains one of the poorest in the world.

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