~ What We Do ~  


Sharing indigenous wisdom and culture in support of Mother Earth and global healing.


We envision a world where all will receive, understand, and act upon the wisdom of indigenous ancestors and elders for how to live in harmony with Mother Earth and each other.

Hearing the Indigenous Voice


— Ingrid Washinawatok, “Flying Eagle Woman”

Menominee Indigenous rights leader who helped build networks of Indigenous peoples to protect Native cultures and communities from social erasure, economic crisis, and environmental destruction. TTF believes in calling on and welcoming all ancestors to come alive through the sharing of prophecies, teachings, and the spirit of those who have walked this land in a good way, guiding us as stewards of Mother Earth/Water and her Life.


The Tribal Trust Foundation (TTF) actively supports wisdom keepers, elders and others dedicated to promoting indigenous wisdom through engaging our fiscal sponsorship.

As a fiscal sponsor, the TTF is a tax-exempt, nonprofit corporation that receives and disburses funds for programs that may or may not be incorporated, and provides administrative, financial, and other program support to groups that may lack administrative or fiscal capability.

Fiscal sponsorship is a structure that contributes to the nonprofit sector’s support, flexibility, and innovation, by enabling individuals and groups to conduct charitable activities and receive tax-exempt grants and donations without building a full organizational infrastructure or receiving a formal 501©3 nonprofit status from the IRS.

The TTF’s motivation in providing fiscal sponsorship to individuals and groups that are engaged in projects and programs that are aligned with its Mission is to support efforts that will realize both the goals of the TTF, and of those being sponsored.