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La Raices Despiertan

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‘The Roots Awaken’ is an inspiring documentary film produced and directed by Jennifer Kumiko Hayashi of Soka Vision Projects, which is presenting a heart driven and interconnected story of young indigenous leaders from the Andes Mountains to the Amazon Rainforest who are rising up with their elders to defend their territory and maintain their ancestral cultures. As Ecuador native people are facing increasing pressure to globalized; as Indigenous people and their cultures are becoming more threatened all across the planet; as modern society is becoming even more seriously disconnected and separated from the source of Life … the Water and the natural world … these committed young people carry a very important message for all of us.

Las Raíces Despiertan

Los pueblos indígenas y sus culturas están amenazados en todo el planeta. Las Raices Despiertan es un documental dirigido por el corazón e interconectado que comparte una historia de jóvenes indígenas de la Cordillera de los Andes a la Selva Amazónica que se están levantando con sus abuelos para defender sus territorios y mantener sus culturas ancestrales en un tiempo de globalización.

The Soka Vision Organization produces media with a commitment to creating educational value through community collaboration.

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