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Big Head, ca. 1905. / Library of Congress / Edward S. Curtis

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The Tribal Trust Foundation supports the creation of a movement of apology to and reconciliation with the indigenous peoples of the United States. We also offer a Statement of Reconciliation as a model for articulating the processes of reconciliation and forgiveness between all peoples where past wounding or violation has occurred.

Please accept on our invitation to support collective trauma transformation by taking action through the Movement for Reconciliation of Native and Non-Native Peoples. Join the Tribal Trust Foundation as we petition the Federal and State Governments of the U.S. to formally acknowledge, apologize and begin the process of making amends for the violent displacement and genocide of the Native population this country was founded on. The time has come to free us all from the residue of past oppression and wounding that keeps us in the roles of victim/perpetrator, so that we can join together in solidarity to create a more peaceful, just and sustainable world.

 With your generous support you can help jump-start this Movement to move forward together.

Statement of Reconciliation between Native and Non-Native People

As citizens of the United States of America, a country founded on the values of freedom, justice and equality, we hereby implore you to join us in a Movement of Reconciliation to the original indigenous inhabitants of this land. In the spirit of reconciliation, we advocate the following actions to be taken by our government in concert with it’s citizenry:


An official public acknowledgement of the violation of rights, person and property that was committed by our non-Native ancestors in coercively and violently displacing the indigenous peoples from the land they had lived on in harmony and sustainability for thousands of years.


An official public apology from the United States Government (representing its non-Native citizens), expressing true regret, remorse and contrition for the violation.


An offer to make amends in some significant political, social and financial ways: including such acts as setting up foundations for funding health care, education, social services, cultural preservation; the protection, rehabilitation and/or return of sacred lands, and other means of recompense.


A request for encouraging and supporting ceremonies of mourning, forgiveness & cross-cultural healing that would release us all and future generations from the bonds of victim/perpetrator and lift us all into a new relationship of unity and shared destiny.


A physical memorial/monument co-designed and co-created by a team of indigenous and non-indigenous citizens and given a place of honor in our nation’s capitol city.

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