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Herminia with Children
Indigenous Family

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We the people of Santa Barbara, CA propose to declare the second Monday of October—a day that has been nationally designated and traditionally celebrated as Columbus Day—as Indigenous Peoples Day in our city. We will be joining with 22 other cities* and 5 states across the nation who have already done this. By creating this holiday we honor, celebrate and support the rich and diverse cultures and contributions of Indigenous Peoples. Locally, we will be recognizing and honoring the Chumash people as the first people of this region, who have contributed so much richness and wisdom to the environment, culture and community of Santa Barbara.

By creating an Indigenous People’s Day, we commemorate the survival and renewal of Native cultures in the face of political and cultural repression. We acknowledge the true historical legacy of oppression and repression through colonization, genocide and enslavement of Native peoples. Through this action we begin the process of reconciliation to heal the historical trauma that affects us all and the land we are part of.

Your donation or offer to volunteer can help to support this project!!

For more information contact:
Maya Shaw Gale: Maya@tribaltrust.org (805) 857-1789
Bob Ornstein: Bob@tribaltrust.org (805) 729-4200

* Some of the cities are: Berkeley, Santa Cruz, and Sebastopol, CA, Denver, CO, Phoenix, AZ, Portland, OR, Albuquerque, NM, Carrboro, NC, Seattle, WA, Minneapolis, MI, Cambridge, MA, and the states of Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, South Dakota and Vermont.

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Video of Tribal Trust’s  event to celebrate Mayor Helene Schneider’s one-year proclamation of Indigenous Peoples Day in Santa Barbara. October, 2017 at the Unitarian Society.

(Video by Anthony Chase-in-Winter and 7 Fires Media)