with Peruvian Q’ero Elder Juan Gabriel
September 15, 2017
6:30 – 9:00 pm

Montecito Community Hall
1469 East Valley Road, Montecito
(in the library)

Reviveolution is coordinating an Andean Wisdom ceremony tour in the U.S.
with peruvian elder Juan Gabriel of the Q’ero Nation
and Tribal Trust Foundation is hosting their Santa Barbara gathering.

Join us in this meet & greet hosted by Tribal Trust to join elder Juan Gabriel Apaza Lonasco of the Q’ero Nation and Reviveolution Founder Carolina Putnam in a night of intercultural exchange. Enjoy a casual night of introduction to Andean Cosmovision teachings, and insight into the beauty of indigenous practices. We will discuss how it is possible to apply this to daily life, and share some upcoming opportunities to dive in much deeper!

  • Traditional Q’ero blessing & prayer
  • Teaching from the heart of the Andes
  • Presentation for eco-cultural regeneration
  • Display of traditional textiles

You may purchase Andean weavings throughout the night


Juan Gabriel will offer private coca leaf readings & private despacho ceremonies
Saturday & Sunday, Sept. 16th & 17th.
Call Maya to sign up for a reading or private ceremony….805-857-1789


*For more information for private sessions & updates

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Hosts: Tribal Trust Foundation & Reviveolution
Facilitators: Maya Shaw Gale