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    • Native American Reconciliation Movement

      A donation to the Tribal Trust Foundation project campaign for Native American Reconciliation Movement will generously support the development of a campaign seeking apology to, and reconciliation with, the indigenous peoples of the United States.
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    • Indigenous Peoples Day

      In contributing to this Tribal Trust Foundation project campaign for Indigenous Peoples Day you will be supporting the development of a proposal to the Santa Barbara City Council for instituting an official reconstitution of Columbus Day, which falls on the second Monday of October annually, as Indigenous People's Day.
      $120.00 donated
    • Ancestors Film Funding Campaign

      This documentary-style film will entertain, educate, and inspire viewers to make a positive philanthropic difference in the world through learning about and sharing indigenous wisdom and culture in support of Mother Nature and global healing. This story focus will be supported through interviews with environmental activists, social entrepreneurs and educators from around the world. It will also offer the opportunity to see into previously hidden cultures, tribes, and places in the world and witness life changing interactions with indigenous Elders, Shamans, and feature a group of children from the ‘four directions’ who are seeking to fulfill a Lakota Sioux prophecy.
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    • José Frederico Ajpu Munoz

      Your generous contribution will enable José Frederico Ajpu Munoz to continue his very vital World Peace work. José has been traveling extensively with the work of the Maya Peace Calendar, sharing ceremonies and meditations that focus on cultivating peace in the heart and among all peoples.
      $0.00 donated
    • Grandmothers/Elders Fellowship Fund

      Your generous donation will help provide practical assistance to traditional grandmothers and elders, thereby enabling them to continue providing their much needed spiritual, social, educational, cultural and/or artistic knowledge, sciences and life-ways to benefit present and to future generations.
      $0.00 donated
    • Loving Waters Community Fund

      Your gracious contribution will help the growing community of Water Guardians sharing the message of the sacredness of Water AS Life. Loving Waters’ mission to celebrate our One Water as the Source of All Life upon beloved Mother Earth ~ for the future generations and All Our Relations.
      $0.00 donated
    • The Roots Awaken

      A much appreciated donation will help with the post production for the film 'The Roots Awaken', produced and directed by Jennifer Kumiko Hayashi of Soka Vision Projects. This inspiring project presents a heart driven and interconnected story of young indigenous leaders from the Andes Mountains to the Amazon Rainforest who are rising up with their elders to defend their territory and maintain their ancestral cultures.
      $0.00 donated
    • Indigenous Healing

      Your generous contribution will support Roberta Cordero to produce a series of workshops designed with and for California’s tribal peoples to provide the context in which each tribe can confront this historical trauma, analyze the current multi-generational effects, formulate capacity-building and healing initiatives —thus strengthening both cultural identity and self-determination.
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