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Jose Ajpu Munoz | Maya calendar’s predictions for 2017 and beyond (via The MOON magazine)

Jose Ajpu Munoz

The Maya calendar’s predictions for 2017 and beyond

The Sixth Sun Maya Calendar—our present 26,000-year-long calendar—is a tool that allows people to remember that past, present, and future take place simultaneously in the eternal “now.” This ancient/future technology also reminds people that we all have at least 15 astrological personalities—five for the past, five for the present, and five for the future—each one full of virtues we can utilize to fulfill our purpose on this planet. The Sixth Sun Maya Calendar has accurately predicted life events, local events and galactic events for many timelines as we conceive time.

In terms of understanding our present lifetime, the past begins at the moment of our conception and goes on indefinitely. What we call “the present” is a block of time—365¼ days—from birthday to birthday. Our current collective future started December 22, 2012, and continues for the next 26,000 years.

This period of illumination will begin with high instability

Starting on December 22, 2012, humanity entered a period of chaotic volatility, to put it lightly. This is the period where the unthinkable will happen to everyone and everything. Those of us who are desperately seeking or holding on to stability will learn the biggest lessons of our existence. If we think we are having a chaotic year now—in 2017, allow ourselves to remember we just started. We are in the fifth year of twenty years of high instability, which will build to a peak during the last six days of the year 2021. We can lessen the impact of this instability, however, by finding balance, unity, joy, peace and harmony—in our own hearts first—and then sharing them with everyone we meet. We will choose to work together in eco-village community centers and expand outwards towards a brilliant future. We are creating a more harmonious future by the actions we are taking now.

When we open our minds and hearts to the Sixth Sun Calendar technology, we remember all our virtues and the virtues in others. We recognize our bands of brothers and sisters who also came to this planet to establish a world of balance, unity, joy, peace, and harmony. Although each of us is included in this purpose, not everyone remembers. I’m here to invite people to remember that unity is our primary purpose. Although we appear deeply divided now—which is why the world is in chaos—we must recognize that everyone believes they are working for a more beautiful world. That is why I focus only on the virtues of everyone I meet. Even if they have shadows, my job is to remind them of their virtues and bring them to awareness.

I recognize that this is not always easy. For the last 2,000 years many tools and technologies have been used to divide us—with the results we see now. But from a Maya perspective, it is the Universal Will that humanity will get through this period. We will do so by going into the depths and emerging with greater understanding and compassion. At some point we will find our common ground and unite. This can happen at the global level of world affairs, in our households, or even on an individual level, because we live in a holographic universe: the microcosm reflects the macrocosm; the macrocosm reflects the microcosm.

When we practice with the assistance of the Maya calendar we can easily predict our own and others’ futures—for our family, our community, and our planet. We do this by journeying to a more harmonious future and bringing memories of that time back with us to the present. That’s how we create the future we desire. When we practice this way we remember cause and effect happen simultaneously and we no longer need to choose when we are at a crossroads between destiny and free will. Free will becomes our destiny because we choose it. We find ourselves first, then the others we are meant to be with, and the strength to get to everything we need to fulfill our mission of balance, unity, joy, peace and harmony on this planet.

The female nation will lead us towards intergalactic harmony

It is the Goddess who will help us remember how to be in peace, balance, joy, unity, and harmony. Those of us who choose to see the virtue in this prediction are already assisting and supporting all the Goddesses who chose to come back and assist humanity. They are our Daughters, Mothers, Grandmothers, Nieces, Aunts, Wives, Girlfriends, and every female archetype we come across. I call them “the 33,000 butterflies” who have chosen to return to Earth at this time to help humanity with this transition. We must assist the Goddess and love her unconditionally.

My teenage daughters and I attended the Women’s March in Pershing Square, Los Angeles, along with 750,000 others—mostly women and the men who support them. Some of us met with tears of joy because we recognized thousands of years ago that this day would come. On the day of the Women’s March, throughout the world, more than a million people took to the streets in honor of women’s rights and global unity. This message has resonance. Everywhere I go people recognize the need to restore the feminine, to achieve balance with the male and restore stability to Mother Earth. The Goddess will truly help us all to get through this period of instability and deliver us all to a harmonious state.

We will live 400 years easily

Those of us who choose to make it through this period of instability will have the option to live in a better world for up to 400 years as we know time now. There are new technologies and medicines being developed today that will eventually be accessible to everyone beginning in 2032, when the period of instability ends. The purpose of longevity is to allow humanity to co-create with time and space travelers walking among us for the highest intention of delivering balance, unity, joy, peace, and harmony to Earth—and to all galaxies through space and time. By then we will have solved many other problems, as well, such as how to care for each other through lifetimes lasting that long. We speed that day by staying united through the present chaos.

Jose Ajpu Munoz is a Maya time keeper for the Maya Chorti, Quiche, Mam, and Kakchiquel people. Additionally, Jose is the carrier of the spoken word of Maya history from the years 1444 to 1529. Originally from Guatemala, he now works in what he calls the Northern Territories, which range from Guatemala to the west of Alaska and to the east of Montreal.

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