San Bushman Documentation

Namibia, Africa

Document songs, dances, traditions, and facilitate the male initiation ceremony of Ju’Hoansi.

Tribal Trust’s Contribution
Funded film and the male initiation ceremony.

Brought international honor to and awareness of the existence of the Ju’Hoansi community living in Namibia. Barbara Savage, with the help of renown hunter and conservationist, Volker Grellman, fulfilled the request of the Juhoansi chief, G/a’qo Kaeqce, to document and help preserve culture.

Funded medicine men and elders from Botswana to travel; food and supplies for ceremony.

Recorded and filmed songs, dances, hunting and gathering skills, as well as the beginning of the male initiation ceremony, including at least three dances that had never been seen before by Western eyes. Photographed each member of the tribe, babies and elders a like.

Unedited documentation was placed in trust to the San at the National Museum of African Art at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. and to the Namibia Museum in Africa.

Helped save lives and helped to preserve the culture and rekindled interest among the San youth to learn the ways of their elders, thus inspiring the next generation to keep the ancient traditions alive.

April 2000/ Oct 2000

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