BaMbuti Forest People

BaMbuti ‘Forest People’
Exhibition Proposal

Ituri Forest, Democratic Republic of the Congo
2009 – Ongoing

Bring international recognition of the beauty and importance of BaMbuti art, music, dance, and indigenous response to life. Help protect the indigenous Pygmy hunter-gatherers of the DRC from enslavement, displacement, disempowerment, murder and other aggressive acts of genocide, including the destruction of their environment from commercial exploitation of natural resources.

Tribal Trust’s Contribution
Identified a grassroots initiative to bring honor and awareness of BaMbuti culture. Received DRC government support for the project. The Tribal Trust is organizing a documentary project and traveling exhibition that explores the arts and culture of the BaMbuti. Provide a website for the DRC to encourage eco-tourism to the Okapi Wildlife Reserve and cultural tourism to learn about the BaMbuti culture.

We believe that together the exhibition and film will foster global support for preservation of the rainforest in the DRC and for protection of the indigenous people who have lived there sustainably for thousands of years.

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